Classic Lace-Ups - Baby Blue

These shoes are a step above in quality.

These soft leather shoes, handcrafted in Spain & hand-embossed in the USA, provide a cozy place for baby's foot.

Perfect for newborn boy or girl baby gifts, these lace-up baby shoes come personalized with baby's first name and birthday in classy, gold leaf.

Choose from pastel pink, light blue, or snow white. We hand-emboss every pair, one shoe at a time. Baby's first name (up to 11 letters) and birthday in gold, look great against the soft leather.

Size one only (fits ages 1 month to 9 months). We made these shoes first, and this shoe is still the most popular.

Choose a display box for that extra touch - the new parents can then display it forever in their living room, nursery, on a desk, or anywhere special.

These shoes will become a family heirloom and will be cherished forever .

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