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We believe in tradition, and truly keepsake baby gifts.

Keepsake Display Box with NameDate Shoes

Our 60 year history.. best described from the previous (3rd generation) head of
"My grandfather was a shoemaker in Brooklyn, New York, over 60 years ago. He made baby shoes with old world workmanship and dedication to detail. One day my uncle took a pair of baby shoes and printed his daughters name and birthdate on the soles. Thats how NameDate baby shoes started!

"The story of is one of tradition. My grandfather immigrated from Hungary where he was an expert shoe manufacturer. He loved to select just the right skins (leather), and created beautiful childrens shoes. My parents absorbed the lessons of quality and fine workmanship instilled by my grandfather and continued the tradition.

I represent the third generation in this business and have heeded the lesson of: quality, quality, quality. When my grandfather came to America, he worked in a cold and damp Brooklyn, New York basement shoe factory. He would wrap himself in a blanket to stay warm. Thinking he looked like an American Indian, people started calling him "chief." Because of that nickname, my grandfather called his shoe manufacturing company Little Chief Footwear.

The Livonia Novelty Company

Newborn keepsakes - gifts for the new parents "Later, when the factory was located on Livonia Avenue in Brooklyn, and our NameDate baby shoes had been created, my family called the business The Livonia Novelty Company. Why "novelty?" Because my family manufactured parts (shoes, watchbands, etc.) for America's doll manufacturers. In fact, I have memories of putting buckles on belts by hand, while watching TV as a child. Must have been my first real job. When most of the doll companies closed down or moved their manufacturing overseas, my family decided to create other baby gift products.

"In 1988 when I joined the company, we decided to go ahead with a mail-order business devoted to the finest personalized baby gifts, using our world famous NameDate baby shoes as the cornerstone of the company.

"Just as my grandfather demanded old world quality, and my parents modernized and continued the tradition, I look forward to providing our customers the best in baby keepsakes.

That is our history.
We hope our future will include you!

NameDate newborn baby keepsake gifts for the new parents - personalized shoes for the new baby

"My grandfathers lesson of great quality is still at the heart of the!"

Featured on NBC's The Today Show back in 2006, we like to think that Babyshoe is similar in many ways to 10, 20 and even 60 years ago - a small, family business representing the best of quality in a baby keepsake.

The smiles and joy of our wonderful customers just makes our day - knowing that they bring special forever gifts to new parents celebrating the birth of their child.

A bit about the shoe: our original classics are expertly crafted from soft white leather. Many of our classics are hand crafted in Spain and offer the best in quality. We also offer non-leather options. Baby's first name and birthdate are beautifully engraved on the soles. Shoes are size one and generally fit babies up to 9 months. Keep for a lifetime in a display box - on a desk, mantle or shelf - in the living room, nursery or anywhere special.

It's a girl - baby gift box with personalized keepsake shoes

Our Guarantee

We believe in our products
and stand by them unconditionally.

If you are not completely satisfied with our product, personalized or not, simply return the item: we will replace it or issue a refund or credit, whichever is your preference.

I wonder sometimes how many shoes that i have ordered over the years going back to the sixties. Someone gave us a pair with our firstborn in 1961 and I have enjoyed giving them to people over the years. Some of the thank you notes are very rewarding.
Don Shoemake
I received my first pair of personalized shoes for my son 4 years ago as a gift. Now, I have a daughter, and she had to have a pair just like her brother. They both were able to wear them for their christenings and people RAVED about them. Keep up the good work!
Heidi G. Martino (Lockport, IL)
These precious baby shoes are very special gifts. I always give when babies are born in our family. Everyone is always in awe at their craftsmanship and I love the keepsake value. Thanks for the speedy delivery.
Denise Reichert (Willoughby Hills, OH)
I cried when I received my first child's NameDate baby shoes. When I came in from getting the mail, my husband thought something was wrong. That was five years ago, and I get the same reaction from the recipients when I give them as gifts. Very prompt service. Thanks!
Jackie Howard (Valparaiso, IN)
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is a large company with 10,000 plus employees. It is difficult to bring a personal touch with a large company. One way to do that is to welcome the newest member of the Ashley family with the personalized baby shoes that are both worn and kept as a keepsake. We have had numerous comments, cards, and photos from new parents expressing how thoughtful the personalized baby shoes are..
..We have ordered shoes from for over 17 years and we have never had a disappointed baby!
P. Holliday, Benefits Data Coordinator Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
My best friend gave NameDates to my husband and me when we had our first child. I loved them, and now all my friends with new babies automatically receive a pair. Your service is wonderful. The last pair arrived at home the same day as the baby!
Madison (WV)
Eight years I've been ordering from your company and every time I feel like I know you. You treat me like I want to be treated. I feel special.
Andria McDermott (Moline, IL)
My aunt started the tradition - new shoes for the new babies - that was in the early 1970s. And now, I continue the tradition.
Josephine Chiovari (Palatine, IL)

Moms and Dads love our NameDate baby shoes

No other gift can touch the hearts of new parents like our NameDates.