Every year we enclose report cards in random outgoing packages and ask our customers to grade our company's performance. This is a recent sampling of the thousands of positive responses.

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"Interesting fact.....My mother was given a pair of the lace-up shoes as a gift when I was born over 57 years ago. I bought a pair for each of my daughters when the were born. Yesterday I bought a pair for my 1st grandson. I still have my 57 year old pair along with both my girls. May the tradition live on!" Donna Lealos

"I wonder sometimes how many shoes that i have ordered over the years going back to the sixties. Someone gave us a pair with our firstborn in 1961 and I have enjoyed giving them to people over the years. Some of the thank you notes are very rewarding." Don Shoemake

"Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is a large company with 10,000 plus employees. It is difficult to bring a personal touch with a large company. One way to do that is to welcome the newest member of the Ashley family with the personalized baby shoes that are both worn and kept as a keepsake. We have had numerous comments, cards, and photos from new parents expressing how thoughtful the personalized baby shoes are. In some cases the parents that have shoes for the first newborn, have called when expecting a second or third child inquiring if we are still sending out the baby shoes. We have ordered shoes from Babyshoe.com for over 17 years and we have never had a disappointed baby!" Patricia Holliday, Benefits Data Coordinator Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

"Excellent in every way. Very fast in sending NameDate shoes. I had them for my children almost 30 years ago and now I am ordering for grandchildren!" Janice Hollis Columbus - MS

"I received shoes as gifts for both my children. I love them!" Karen Prelewitz - Henrietta, NY

"I received my first pair of personalized shoes for my son 4 years ago as a gift. Now, I have a daughter, and she had to have a pair just like her brother. They both were able to wear them for their christenings and people RAVED about them. Keep up the good work!" Heidi G. Martino - Lockport, IL

"I have eight grandbabies under the age of seven and as soon as they are born, I order their personalized shoes! Number nine will arrive in three weeks, and needless to say, I will be hurrying to your web site!!" Marg Giacomin - Naples, FL

"These precious baby shoes are very special gifts. I always give when babies are born in our family. Everyone is always in awe at their craftsmanship and I love the keepsake value. Thanks for the speedy delivery" Denise Reichert - Willoughby Hills, OH

"Your service was great. The baby shoes are truly one of a kind. Every baby needs a pair." Beverly Robertson, Belle - Rive, IL

"I cried when I received my first child's NameDate baby shoes. When I came in from getting the mail, my husband thought something was wrong. That was five years ago, and I get the same reaction from the recipients when I give them as gifts. Very prompt service. Thanks!" Jackie Howard - Valparaiso, IN

"My aunt started the tradition - new shoes for the new babies - that was in the early 1970s. And now, I continue the tradition." Josephine Chiovari - Palatine, IL

"I was so impressed with the speediness of getting the shoes and the quality. What a great gift idea! And, the story of "Footprints in the sands.." is so neat. Thank you for your service." Karen Jacobsen - Manito, IL

"There's always some doubt when ordering online. Will it really be a quality product? You've met and exceeded my expectations." N. Savramis - Portsmouth, NH

"We've received so many "Where did you get those?!?" questions and positive comments on your shoes. We used them as part of our son's baptism outfit, and are sure they will be a treasured keepsake." Nancy Goblesky - Hutchinson, PA

"I have been ordering baby shoes for years and everyone that receives them are in awe. babyshoe.com is the best for service, great quality, and the fastest service ever!" Ruth Ruland - Holtsville, NY

"Eight years I've been ordering from your company and every time I feel like I know you. You treat me like I want to be treated. I feel special." Andria McDermott - Moline, IL

"The shoes were a shower gift from a dear friend. Wow! - What a great keepsake. The shoes for my daughter were adorable. I was very pleased!" Sylvia Dorth - Kansas City, MO

"We received our first NameDate baby shoes as a gift for our second daughter in 1987. We have lived and traveled around the world, but whenever a friend or family member has a baby, we know who to call for the best gift" Rich Stolz - Baytown, TX

"I have used NameDate baby shoes as gifts for 30 years and would not consider any other gift for newborns - Thanks so much!" Kay Propst - Charleston, WV

"My best friend gave NameDates to my husband and me when we had our first child. I loved them, and now all my friends with new babies automatically receive a pair. Your service is wonderful. The last pair arrived at home the same day as the baby!" Cozetta Miller - Madison, WV