The most unique, newborn baby gift
to be cherished for decades.

"Wear these now,
and keep forever!"

Hugs & Kisses, Grandma & Grandpa
Our customers delightfully send gifts messages like these
with their choice of personalized, keepsake baby shoes.

A lifetime keepsake.

Personalized baby shoes to wear and display.

When a new mother and father open your gift - embossed in gold, are the two precious memories of their lives - the name of their child, and the wondrous date of birth.

Our original classics are expertly crafted from soft white leather. Baby's first name and birthdate are beautifully engraved on the soles. Shoes are size one and generally fit babies up to 9 months. Keep for a lifetime in a display box - on a desk, mantle or shelf - in the living room, nursery or anywhere special.

Take your pick between personalized baby girl gifts or personalized baby boy gifts, or add a little extra love with our personalized baby shoe gift sets. Price includes custom personalization.


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